What Does a Contested Divorce in New Jersey Entail?

There are two types of divorce in New Jersey: contested divorce and uncontested divorce. If you are in an uncontested divorce, it means that both you and your spouse agree on all divorce-related issues and that you are ready to finalize your divorce. However, most divorces are contested divorces, meaning that both spouses cannot agree on the terms of their divorce. If you find yourself in this situation, there is a very good chance that you are now looking into hiring an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney who can fight for what is rightfully yours. Please continue reading and reach out to our firm to learn more about contested divorce in New Jersey and how our firm can help. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What happens in a contested divorce?

If you are currently in a contested divorce, you will most likely enter the litigation process. When a couple enters divorce litigation, the terms of their divorce will ultimately be decided by a judge in a courtroom setting. Unfortunately, this often results in both spouses feeling as though their voices were not heard. Judges will decide on spousal support terms, child custody terms, child support terms, and any other divorce-related issues that spouses cannot agree upon. In many cases, contested divorces are also more costly and more contentious, which is why oftentimes, spouses will look to alternative methods of divorce.

Are there alternatives to divorce litigation available in New Jersey?

Yes, there are. In many cases, spouses will hire a divorce mediator, which is essentially an unbiased third party, whose goal is to facilitate a productive and civil conversation between both spouses to eventually reach a compromise regarding the terms of their divorce. Divorce mediation takes place outside of a courtroom setting, and both spouses also have to agree to participate, which contributes to the low-stakes nature of mediation. Additionally, in many cases, divorce mediation takes far less time to resolve than divorces that go through litigation, thereby making mediation the more cost-effective option. Perhaps most importantly, mediation allows both spouses to feel as though their desires have been heard, enabling them to walk away from their divorce without bearing a grudge against their partner and move on with their lives. If you have any additional questions about the litigation process, mediation, or any other family law matter, please do not hesitate to speak with our knowledgable New Jersey divorce attorneys today to learn more about how we can assist you through every step of the legal process ahead.

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