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New Jersey Child Custody Attorneys

Parents who are getting divorced may need to address the custody and parenting time. Child custody can be one of the most emotional and impactful marital issues. For some, collaborating on a custody arrangement can help set aside differences for the good of the child. Unfortunately, custody can be such a potent issue that working together through mediation may not be a possibility, leading a couple to court. When a parent faces the reality that they may not see their child every day, the matter can get overwhelming. Whether emotions run high because of the impending divorce or the parents disagree with the other’s entitlement to a certain custody arrangement, a couple can quickly turn to litigation to resolve the matter. When facing this significant legal matter, it is important to contact a law firm with your best interests in mind. For a consultation with an effective legal team, contact the skilled Morris County, New Jersey child custody attorneys here at Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn.

New Jersey physical custody

Physical custody addresses which parent, if any parent, will be designated the Parent of Primary Residence for the children.  The Parent of Primary Residence is usually the parent who is determined to be the primary caregiver.  The parties also need to determine a parenting time schedule which includes not only determining where the children will be on a weekly basis, but also determining parenting time for holidays and vacations.    This is also called residential custody and can be one of the most contested issues heard in court.

New Jersey legal custody

Legal custody is the right of a parent to make significant decisions for a child. Some of these issues can include medical care, religion, education, social life, and general welfare. Most cases will end with a joint legal custody arrangement, though in rare cases, a person can be awarded sole custody.

Child custody factors

There are many factors a court will consider when deciding on custody. When hearing child custody cases, the court has a responsibility to determine what arrangement is in the best interest of the child. Some significant factors include the parent’s ability to cooperate, the parents’ acceptance of custody, the bond between each parent and the child, any history of domestic violence, the needs of the child, home stability, academics, the parents’ ability to act as guardian, and the preference of the child if deemed able to make sound decisions.  In contested custody matters, experts are frequently retained to conduct an evaluation of the parties and children and provide a recommendation concerning physical and legal custody.

Contact our experienced NJ child custody attorneys

Child custody can be one of the most important legal issues for divorcing parents. When facing these matters, it is important to have quality legal support to represent you in and out of court. If you need an effective law firm with significant child custody experience, contact Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn for a consultation today.

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