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What Ways Can I Get Through a Divorce from a Narcissist?

If you are going through a divorce with a narcissist, the courtroom will likely turn into a battlefield. Follow along to learn what ways you can best get through a divorce from a narcissist and how one of the proficient New Jersey divorce attorneys of Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn can also help you overcome this.

What are the traits commonly associated with a narcissist?

First, the definition of a narcissist is someone who possesses extreme self-involvement in a way that makes them disregard all others around them. Specific traits that are commonly associated with a narcissist include the following:

  • A narcissist expresses emotionally manipulative behavior.
  • A narcissist enjoys creating or participating in environments of conflict.
  • A narcissist carries a sense of entitlement.
  • A narcissist constantly needs admiration from others.
  • A narcissist views all others as inferior.
  • A narcissist lacks empathy for others.

Due to these characteristics, a narcissist can make the divorce process far more complicated, and overall emotionally draining, than necessary.

In what ways can I get through a divorce from a narcissist?

Since your spouse will not care for your best interests during the divorce process, then you must protect yourself.

One way you can achieve this is by accepting your situation. That is, you have little to no control over fixing your spouse’s narcissistic tendencies, let alone how amicable you can be throughout the process. The only thing you can control is how you carry yourself, so you should prioritize this.

Another way is to read books about narcissism in your free time. This will allow you to fully understand how your spouse operates and how to best interact with them. In addition, you should talk to a therapist who has high-conflict divorce as an area of expertise.

Also important, you must remain neutral whenever in the presence of your spouse. As mentioned above, your spouse’s narcissism causes him to desire emotional control over you. They will likely try to mess with your emotions by sending disturbing messages, speaking poorly about you in front of your child, or making false claims about you in court. However, you cannot give them any satisfaction by reacting with emotion. You must remain composed and disengage as soon as possible.

This leads to the final point. As mentioned above, your spouse’s narcissism causes him to enjoy the environment of conflict that litigation produces. In fact, unlike you, they may even thrive in this situation. So, you must have the proper legal representation who will aggressively come to your defense when your spouse tries to gain control.

In the end, we recommend that you retain the services of one of the talented attorneys at our Morris County divorce & separation law firm today.

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