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What Should I Know About Child Custody and Mediation in New Jersey?

When going through a divorce or custody dispute, understanding the steps you must take to make this process as simple and effective as possible is critical. Unfortunately, the individuals most impacted by this are often the children at the center of the battle. As such, it’s essential to understand your options when going through a divorce. As such, you may want to consider the benefits of child custody and mediation. The following blog explores what you must know about these circumstances and how New Jersey child custody attorneys can assist you through this complex process.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a formal process in which two disputing parties will meet with a neutral entity, known as a mediator, who will help facilitate a conversation between the individuals. This is often necessary when the parties cannot come to an agreement about how to handle a situation. Though this is most commonly associated with divorcing spouses, it can also be used for disputes, like an employee and employer or a landlord and lessee.

It is vital to understand that your mediator is not there to offer legal advice or take sides. They are there to ensure both parties feel heard and can come to an agreement on their own.

Is Mediation Beneficial for Custody Cases?

If you’re considering mediation, it’s necessary to understand how it can impact a child custody case. In general, mediation has many benefits, especially custody disputes.

Generally, mediation is ideal for custody as it helps keep your case out of court. As such, your children aren’t exposed to the fighting and tension that can arise during a court hearing, meaning the process is less stressful for those at the center of the dispute.

Additionally, you may find that mediation can help you and your spouse achieve an agreement faster than you can receive one in court. Not only does this help you endure less stress, but it means you and your family do not have to deal with the uncertainty of knowing what will happen after the courts have determined your arrangement.

It’s important to note that mediation is not recommended for those in abusive or power-imbalanced relationships. This is because one spouse may be more hesitant to speak out about their wants and concerns, rendering mediation ineffective.

How Can an Attorney Assist Me With Child Custody and Mediation?

If you are interested in mediation to settle child custody issues with your spouse, it’s in your best interest to enlist the assistance of an experienced attorney. Though you and your spouse will work together to determine the outcome of your divorce, having an attorney review the details of your agreement can help make sure your contract is legally binding and fair.

At Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn, our dedicated legal team understands the complexities that can arise when facing a child custody dispute. As such, our firm is committed to prioritizing the best interests of you and your children. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you during these difficult times.

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