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What Should I Avoid Posting on Social Media During a Divorce?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak in recent weeks, the state of New Jersey has asked the public to remain inside their homes and socially isolate themselves in an effort to slow down the spread of the virus. This has caused people to look for different forms of entertainment, such as social media. When spending so much time on these platforms, it is important to remember how to use them appropriately, especially if you are in the midst of a divorce. 

Whether you are currently going through a divorce or went through one in the past, it is important to use your social media properly in order to protect the outcome of your divorce. This is because courts and opposing parties often keep a close eye on your activity to make sure you are not engaging in poor behavior. In the event that you do, this information can be used against you and impact the proceedings.

Behavior that can be deemed unacceptable for social media can include speaking badly about a former spouse or arguing with them on the platforms. In addition to this, posting certain pictures can harm divorce proceedings as well. For example, pictures of drinks or parties can potentially affect a parent’s chances of obtaining custody. Even simple pictures of new purchases or vacations can cause difficulty in receiving alimony or child support payments. It is because of this that it is best to simply keep your private life off social media to ensure your divorce does not become harder than it needs to be.

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