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What Are the Challenges of Co-Parenting in New Jersey?

It’s no secret that raising a child with someone you are no longer in a relationship can be challenging to navigate, as there are often many emotions and personal feelings involved. However, taking the necessary steps to help ensure your child’s best interest is critical. As such, familiarising yourself with the most common issues that can arise when co-parenting and connecting with New Jersey child custody attorneys can help you know what to expect. The following blog explores some of the most common challenges experienced in co-parenting arrangements.

What Is Co-Parenting?

Co-parenting is used to describe how parents will work together when they have joint or shared custody of a child. Generally, when both parents are fit, awarding joint custody is often in the best interest of the child as it allows them to foster and maintain a relationship with both parents. When these parents work together, this helps create cohesion between the households so that all parties are on the same page, giving the child consistency.

Though co-parenting can be great for the children, it can be incredibly complex for the parents, as many issues can arise. This can lead to stress, tension, and anxiety.

What Are the Most Common Issues?

One of the most common issues for co-parenting arrangments revolves around communication. When parents do not effectively communicate, it can cause arguing if one parent feels slighted by the words of the other or due to a lack of communication regarding the child. It’s necessary to ensure you and your ex-spouse have discussed the information regarding the child that should be shared, such as concerns about school or medical appointment notes. If one party fails to share this information, it can negatively impact the arrangement. As such, you’ll want to use a polite, business-like tone to share details regarding the child promptly.

Another common issue surrounds creating cohesion in the households. When parents live different lifestyles and have different household rules, it can be confusing for a child. As such, you’ll want to work with your co-parent when possible to discuss things like discipline, schedules, and rules for your child to establish in both homes. If your co-parent deviates from these rules, it can be frustrating and may lead to arguments. However, doing your best to adhere to joint decisions shows your ability to work together.

If you are having significant issues with your co-parent, where they constantly violate the child custody agreement such as failing to provide information regarding the child or keeping the child past their allotted custody time, you’ll want to connect with an attorney. At Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn, we understand how difficult co-parenting can be. However, we also understand the importance of adhering to the legal agreement set in place. If your spouse is causing issues, contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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