Visitation Orders in New Jersey

co-parenting child

When a divorce involves one or more children, matters can become very complicated. Not only may one parent not get to see the child as much as they once did simply due to the terms of the custody arrangement, many other important family members may also have limited access to the child. When divorce threatens to tear a family apart, some family members wonder if they can request an order for visitation through the court. In New Jersey, only certain family members are permitted to request visitation through the court. This only applies to siblings, parents, and grandparents. Unfortunately, other family members such as stepparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, among others, are not eligible to request visitation from the court.

If an individual in New Jersey does request visitation rights from the court, the judge will take a number of different factors into consideration, some of which include:

  • The relationship between the child and the individual applying for visitation
  • How long has passed since the last time the child and the applicant had contact
  • How visitation rights will impact the custodial parent
  • The current custody arrangement that exists between the parents
  • Whether the individual is applying for visitation in good faith
  • Any danger that the applicant may pose to the child

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