Using Experts in a Divorce or Family Law Caase

One of the many advantages of retaining the services of an experienced law firm is the resources they call upon to help resolve your divorce dispute. Experts in many different fields, and the impartial testimony they provide, can be used to shed light on many different complex legal matters including complex property divisions, family businesses and private business enterprises, complex retirement assets, and to help answer questions about taxation, marital debt, and in many cases, child and family psychology which can greatly influence the outcome of your divorce’s child custody agreement.

Types of Experts Used in Divorce

There is a wide range of experts that may be used throughout the course of a divorce process. Some of the many experts that may be called upon in a case include the following:

  • Small business experts
  • Financial experts
  • Medical experts
  • Psychologists
  • Real estate experts

How can experts help a case?

In divorce proceedings involving complex legal matters, expert testimony is used to clarify points of contention, and their recommendations hold far more value than the word of either spouse. Expert witnesses are often used outside of litigation and are not reserved for use in court only. They can help in all manner of dispute resolution methods, including mediation, arbitration, and collaborative divorce. The value of an expert is their knowledge, experience, and vitally, their unemotional and unbiased view of the outcome. In divorce proceedings, expert witnesses are often in the financial or psychological fields.

Within the financial realm, expert testimony may be used to value assets such as a family home, considering the real market value and not just the price you paid. Expert witnesses in the psychological or social fields are often called upon when there are disputes over child custody or general concerns about the suitability of a parent. Legally speaking, it is difficult to show that a parent is fit. Experts in child care and child psychology may offer their professional opinions and show what is best for the child.

Experts are not asked to give sweeping opinions or recommendations for the overall case, and are generally used for specific and isolated issues. Again, their testimony is not set in stone, but it is weighed much more heavily than any testimony by spouses in disputes.

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