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The Dos and Don’ts of Divorce | What to Do & What to Avoid

Facing a divorce might mean that you are receiving advice from every angle. Continue reading to learn the basics when proceedings with a divorce. Learn the “dos” and “don’ts” to consider to achieve a positive outcome. If you require assistance with your proceedings, give our experienced divorce attorney a call. We would be happy to help.

What to Do During a Divorce

The following actions and behaviors can benefit your divorce proceedings to put you on the right path to achieve a painless and smooth divorce:

  • Maintain good co-parenting practices
  • Be sure to pay your child support on time
  • Keep any copies of money paid to your spouse
  • Be aware of the household budget and expenses
  • Examine your credit history and get a credit report
  • Seek help for any alcohol or illegal substance abuse
  • Get a copy of your spouse’s last two paycheck stubs
  • Comply with any court-ordered injunctions and restrictions
  • Change passwords to all email accounts and social media sites
  • Disclose all assets and liabilities when filling out your inventory
  • Know the balance on your retirement plans, 401(k), pension plan, etc.
  • Know the total balance on any joint checking and savings bank accounts
  • Keep a journal to document the exchange and pick up of any children you have
  • Seek out a CPA or accountant to help review the tax implications of your divorce
  • Collect your last two tax returns, real estate deeds, and mortgage documents

What Not to Do During a Divorce

Consider avoiding the following behaviors and actions when facing a divorce to avoid negatively impacting the outcome of your divorce:

  • Start another romantic relationship
  • Buy extravagant items while the divorce is pending
  • Post information regarding your divorce on social media
  • Post anything on social media that can be used against you
  • Criticize your spouse in front of your children or the court hearings
  • Withhold visitation from your spouse for their failure to make child support payments
  • Send mean or negative emails, texts, messages, or any other form of written communication to your spouse
  • Get pregnant or get anyone pregnant
  • Move out of state with your children
  • Remove children from their current school
  • Buy real estate while the divorce is pending
  • Keep secrets from your attorney
  • Give large contributions to anyone
  • Discuss the case with your children
  • Use your children as intermediaries
  • Sell property without the court’s permission
  • Increase your debt while the divorce is pending
  • Bring a new significant other around your child

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