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Sole Custody in New Jersey

One of the most difficult parts of a divorce for a couple that has children together is determining custody. When a parent hears that he or she will not be able to spend nearly as much time with their child as they once did, it can be heartbreaking.When parents can’t decide on a custody arrangement amongst themselves, a judge will have to make the decision on their behalf. For the vast majority of child custody cases that are heard in the New Jersey Family Court system, the judge will issue a joint custody agreement.

The judge in New Jersey will always rule in the best interests of the child. In order to determine what the child’s best interests are as far as custody goes, the court considers many different factors some of which include the bond between the child and each parent, the lifestyle of each parent, each parent’s ability to care for the child, the history of substance abuse and domestic violence of each parent, and more. In the event that this assessment leads the judge to believe one parent is “unfit” to have custody, the judge may award sole custody to the other parent.

Of course, this can be very difficult for the parent who has lost custody of their child. They may still be able to request visitation rights. If the parent is considered a danger to the child, visitation may have to be supervised.

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