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Regaining Lost Parenting Time Due to COVID-19 in New Jersey

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the everyday lives of people around the nation. As a result, many families of divorce are struggling to figure out how they can continue forward with their parenting time. Due to stay at home orders in New Jersey, there are many parents who missed out on time with their children over the last few months. It is important to know that this time can be regained in the months moving forward. Continue reading below to learn more.

Ask Your Ex For Additional Time

If you lost time with your child, it is possible to make up this time. One way it can be done is simply by asking the other co-parent for more time with your child. This can be done by receiving additional weekends or nights with your child in the weeks or months coming up. It is important to be respectful when asking and be prepared for the chance of negotiations. However, parents are often surprised by how willing the other parent is towards the idea.

Work Out Mutual Social Distancing Parenting Time

A parent’s biggest concern is always their children, especially during these uncertain times. It is because of this that reassuring another parent that you are being safe is essential. Through creating a “social distancing” contract, parents can agree with one another to follow all CDC and local health guidelines when spending time with their child. This gives both you and the co-parent a peace of mind knowing that you are doing what is best to keep your child safe.

Have More Virtual Time

Many families during the pandemic have benefited from using technology to stay in touch while they cannot be together. When co-parenting, parents can connect with their children through various activities such as video chatting, playing online games, watching movies, etc. While it does not replace the value of physical time, it is a helpful alternative under the current situation.

Modify a Parenting Time Plan

If you and your co-parent can agree on any changes you want to make to your custody and parenting time arrangements, be sure to document them in writing, no matter how small they may be. Once the changes are outlined, have them reviewed by an attorney before signing anything. 

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