Morris County High Net Worth Divorces

No matter the couple, a divorce is always complicated. Of course, when a couple gets married, they are excited to build their lives together and don’t think about the possibility of divorce. As time passes, however, divorce may become a reality that the couple has to face. It isn’t easy for a couple who has intertwined their life to divide it when the marriage ends.

When the couple has a combined value of upwards of a million dollars, they are considered to have a high net worth. High net worth divorces are often more complex than all other divorces because there is so much at stake that, of course, neither party wants to risk losing. Some of the major reasons that a high net worth divorce is more complicated than other divorces are because they often include the following complicated components:

  • Business ownership, business partnerships, limited liability corporations/companies
  • Complex tax structures and planning
  • Involved retirement structures such as deferred compensation, defined benefit pension plans, 401ks, stock options, and restricted stock
  • A multitude of investments such as stocks, bonds, and investment properties
  • Widespread real estate properties and rental properties

In a lot of cases where one spouse enters the marriage with a signficant portion of the assets, there is a prenuptial agreement already set in place. This can make the entire divorce process much easier. If you are part of a couple that has a high net worth and are thinking about getting a divorce, contact our firm today for quality legal representation that can protect your interests.

If you require strong legal representation for matters related to divorce or family law, Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn is here to help. We proudly represent clients in Morris County and throughout the state of New Jersey. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation.

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