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Mediation vs. Litigation in Divorce

Divorce can be a very overwhelming and emotional time for a lot of couples but in many cases, it is also something that needs to happen for the general happiness of each spouse. There are many different options when it comes to divorce and of course, one option does not fit all divorces. Two of the most frequently used methods of divorce are litigation and mediation. They are very different and are typically suited for two completely different divorce situations.

Litigated divorces are those that take place in a courtroom and decisions are made by a judge. These divorces are often long and tiresome but make it so the couple can relinquish control to the judge who will do their best to make fair decisions. Couples that have a highly contested divorce often find themselves having a litigated divorce.

Mediated divorces are much different. In many cases, the couple will make all, if not almost all of the decisions about the divorce amongst themselves. Mediation allows a couple to avoid the courtroom and work together to come to conclusions in an amicable manner. Mediated divorces are not for everyone, however. If a couple can’t work together towards a common goal or communicate effectively, mediation may not be their best option.

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