Mediated Divorce in New Jersey

Couples in New Jersey who realize that they may be heading for divorce have a number of different options to consider. One such option for a New Jersey divorce is mediation. Mediation provides couples that are going through this difficult time with a number of benefits to make their divorce conclude as smoothly as possible, given the situation. This method of divorce is becoming increasingly popular amongst couples in New Jersey and across the country. Some of the major benefits of mediated divorces include the following:

  • The couple is often able to save significant time and money, as mediation is much cheaper than litigated divorces are. In addition, the couple is often able to schedule the mediation sessions on their own time as opposed to having to work around the court’s schedule.
  • Unlike a litigated divorce, couples divorcing through mediation are able to make decisions for themselves regarding equitable distribution, child support, child custody, spousal support, and more.
  • Mediated divorces are often beneficial for the entire family. If the couple has children together, the parents are often able to co-parent better after going through mediation.
  • Mediated divorces can be concluded in as many or as few sessions as the couple needs.

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