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How should I choose a mediator for my divorce?

Once you make the challenging decision to get divorced, there are a lot of different options for divorce that must be taken into consideration. One such option is mediation, which is a method of alternative dispute resolution that is quite popular in New Jersey divorces. Your next essential question is: how to choose the best mediator for you. Just as you might assume, all mediators are not created equal.

Selecting a Divorce Mediator

In fact, the variability of credentials, experience, and approaches can leave you feeling unsure as to how you might distinguish the best candidates from the slew of options. When evaluating a divorce mediator, considering qualifications such as years of experience with mediation, a specialization in divorce and family law, and a firm handle on more complex issues involving child custody and division of assets will assist you in making an informed determination. Equally as important, your mediator should communicate his or her commitment to fairness, collaboration, and empowerment during the process.

Some of the following are factors that you should take into consideration when you are in the process of choosing a divorce mediator:

  • Ensure they specialize in mediation for divorce and family law to ensure they have the necessary knowledge to handle your case
  • Make sure they have many years of experience
  • Assess their commitment to fairness, objectivity, and neutrality throughout the process
  • Ensure they are committed to finding creative problem-solving solutions
  • Make sure they are committed to empowering you throughout the process

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If you have made the decision to get divorced in the state of New Jersey and are considering mediation, you should be sure to consult with an experienced mediator who can effectively represent your interests.

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