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How Does a Parent’s Financial Stability Impact Custody Decisions in New Jersey?

When you get a divorce, there are many important considerations that must be made, from whether or not you want to request alimony to how you will split your marital assets. However, none of these are as essential as determining custody of your children. Because this directly impacts your child and their well-being, the courts take many factors into consideration, including the financial stability of each parent. The following blog explores the impact this element has on custody decisions and why you need New Jersey child custody attorneys to help you through this process.

What Role Does Financial Stability Play When Determining Custody?

Many parents assume that their income and financial stability are the most important factors the court will take into consideration when determining custody. However, this is not always true. While a judge will consider each parent’s income and financial stability, it is not the only consideration.

For example, if one parent has a high-paying, steady job, and the other constantly switches part-time roles, it may seem like the higher-paying parents is more equipped to handle raising a child. However, this is just on the surface. In reality, you may find that the parent in the higher-paying role works long hours and travels frequently for work, meaning the child would be alone the majority of the time. In this instance, assuming there are no other issues, the parent who is able to provide emotionally and materially for the child would likely receive the majority of custody, while their other parent paid child support to help financially provide.

What Other Factors Will a Court Consider?

As stated, a parent’s financial stability is not the only element the courts will consider when awarding custody. These decisions are not made lightly, and the courts prioritize the best interest of the child above everything else. As such, they will also take the following factors into consideration:

  • If there are any allegations of abuse against either parent
  • If there are any allegations of neglect against either parent
  • Whether or not either parent has substance abuse issues
  • What role each parent played in raising their child before the divorce
  • If the child is old and mature enough to express their wishes, who they prefer to live with
  • The ability to provide a loving and stable environment
  • The parent’s ability to communicate and work together in the interest of the child
  • Where each parent lives in relation to the child’s school, friends, and family

The courts take these, and any additional relevant factors into consideration when determining the custody of a child.

If you are going through a custody battle, it is imperative you contact an experienced attorney from Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn as soon as possible. As these are important legal matters, having quality representation is crucial to fighting for your rights as a parent and for the best interest of your child.

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