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Can I Modify Child Support Payments in New Jersey?

When family law settlements are made during a divorce, they are done based on what is best for the child at the time. However, the life of a family can change significantly over time. When this happens, what is best for the child or the family may change as well. This can impact a parent’s ability to pay child support or even a child’s need to receive the payments. If a family finds themselves in this situation, they may want to request a change in their settlement as well. It is important to know that it is possible to modify a child support agreement in order to meet a family’s current needs. This can be done with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

What Calls for an Increase in Child Support Payments?

There are several reasons why a parent may wish to increase the amount that is paid in child support. This can include the following circumstances:

  • The dependent parent or child suffered a serious injury or illness and requires financial assistance for medical attention
  • The federal income tax laws changed and the dependent parent cannot afford to keep up 
  • The parent paying support received an increase in income and can afford to pay more to support their child’s needs
  • The dependent parent lost their home and needs financial assistance to shelter their children

What Calls for a Decrease in Child Support Payments? 

When a parent wishes to request a decrease in child support payments, it can be difficult to do so. To do so, the parent must prove that they are doing so with good intentions and that the change occurring in their life is ongoing and significant. A decrease may be requested in the following situations:

  • The cost of living has increased and the supporting parent can no longer afford to pay child support
  • The dependent parent recently remarried or has entered into a cohabitating relationship with another person
  • The supporting parent suffered a serious injury or illness that requires medical assistance and cannot afford to take care of their child
  • The federal income tax laws changed and the dependent parent cannot afford to keep up
  • The income of the supporting parent either decreased or they lost their job
  • The dependent parent’s income increased or they went from being unemployed to having a job and income

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