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Can I Divorce my Spouse Online?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, courts throughout the state of New Jersey closed temporarily to help prevent the spread of the virus. This caused complications for many spouses who were planning to go through a divorce. While couples can wait until the courts reopen and they can schedule the proceedings, it is also possible to pursue alternative methods more immediately. This is possible through online divorce mediation. Continue reading below to learn more about this and how our New Jersey divorce mediators can help. 

Why Should I Use Online Mediation?

When a couple decides to file for divorce, it is usually a calculated decision that takes some time to reach. It is understandable that this can be frustrating when your plans are changed. However, alternative methods such as online divorce mediation can offer their own benefits. This can include:

  • You can stay in the comfort of your home. When spouses go to court to divorce, it is often uncomfortable. This is because it requires them to discuss personal matters in such an unfamiliar environment. Oftentimes, this is stressful and causes spouses to have an unclear head. Instead, online divorce mediation allows spouses to take part in healthy negotiations in a familiar location. This allows them to have access to things that help put them at ease during the process.  
  • You can eliminate travel worries. With online divorce mediation, there is no concern for spouses regarding travel to get where they need to be. This includes leaving to go to the divorce proceedings or coming home to attend other engagements. This allows spouses to be focused on their divorce and have more of a clear head. 

How do I Prepare for Online Mediation?

It is important that, while you are more physically relaxed during online mediation, you should still be mentally prepared. This can be done by following certain steps, beginning with finding a comfortable spot within your home to conduct the meetings. This should be a private space that has strong wifi so there are no interruptions or complications. To ensure this, make sure any children you may have are occupied. In addition, gather any snacks, drinks, tissues, or paper you may need throughout the process to eliminate the need to get up. Doing all of these things can allow you to get the most out of the process.

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