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Are School Lunches Included in New Jersey Child Support?

When you and your spouse get divorced, often the most challenging matter for many is splitting custody of their child. Whether you are granted full custody, share equal time with the other parent, or have visitation, the most common question parents have regards what is included in child support payments. This is true whether you’re the recipient or the paying parent. As such, understanding whether or not things like school lunches, extracurricular activities, and medical expenses are included in the monthly payments is critical. If you are unsure what expenses child support payments help cover, you’ll want to keep reading. The following blog explores how New Jersey child support attorneys can help with any issues you may encounter.

Are School Lunches Covered in Child Support Orders?

In New Jersey, all food items are included in child support orders. This means that groceries, take-out meals, snacks, and school lunches are taken into consideration when the courts determine how much the non-custodial parent must contribute each month. As such, the payments you make will contribute to school lunches. This means you do not have to pay extra per month to help cover this cost unless your specific parenting agreement says otherwise.

Food is one of the most important factors the courts will consider, as it’s imperative to ensure the child has access to consistent meals. As such, the courts do not take this matter lightly when determining how much a payment should be.

What Else Is Included in Child Support?

In addition to covering the cost of food, regardless of whether or not that is groceries purchased for home-cooked meals or school lunches, you may wonder whether or not clothing is included. Generally, your child support orders are used to cover the cost of basic clothing for the child, including shirts, shoes, socks and underwear, pants, pajamas, and outwear. Any special clothing, like specific footwear for extracurricular activities such as baseball cleats, are not included in these payments.

Child support payments can also be used to cover expenses related to housing, such as rent, repairs, utilities, and laundry services. Similarly, this money can be used to help cover expenses for any household equipment that must be replaced, like broken appliances.

What Should I Do if My Ex Doesn’t Pay Child Support?

If you are the recipient of child support payments and your ex continually misses or skips payments, understanding what you can do to ensure you receive the money your child is entitled to is critical.

Generally, you should begin by gathering evidence that your ex has missed payments. This can include bank statements showing that deposits have not been made into your account. Next, you’ll want to connect with a lawyer who can help you petition the court to enforce these orders. If the court determines the evidence you have is sufficient, they can assist in helping ensure you get the money your child deserves through wage garnishment or bank levies on your ex.

When you have questions or concerns regarding your child support situation, the team at Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn can help you navigate these complex matters. We understand you want to provide the best life possible for your child, which is why we are committed to assisting you through these times. Connect with us today to learn how we can help with any issues you may face.

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