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New Jersey High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys

Divorce is not an easy process to overcome. Generally, divorce is a complex, emotional matter. For those who are of a high net worth, marital assets become even more complicated.  High net worth divorces deserve the effective and seasoned legal services of Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn. Our firm is highly knowledgeable in dealing with high net worth divorces.  We often utilize forensic accountants to assist in valuing the parties’ assets, business, etc.  Through the years, we have gained significant experience working with high-profile clients, handling their divorces swiftly and quietly. For a consultation with the caliber of high net worth divorce attorneys you deserve, contact Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn

How do high net worth divorces differ from others?

Greater assets and debts make a high net worth divorce a more complex matter. Though high net worth divorces revolve around the same marital issues, including spousal support, the division of assets, and child support, these issues may be complex.  High net worth cases may involve:

  • Intricate retirement and deferred income structures, including deferred compensation, 401(k)s, defined benefit pension plans, IRAs, restricted stock or stock options
  • Business ownership, including partnerships, limited liability companies/corporations
  • Involved tax structures and planning
  • Real estate holdings, including multiple properties and a variety of properties
  • Widespread investments, including bonds, stocks, and investment properties

Like most divorces that litigate the division of assets, high net worth individuals are subject to equitable distribution as well. Equitable distribution is the fair and just manner in which a court will allocate assets after a divorce. In order to do so, they must establish what should be divided. This is called marital property, property acquired during the marriage. When a couple is impacted by multiple real estate holdings, professional practices, business ventures, and other noteworthy assets, these individuals need an effective legal team on hand.

Contact our experienced NJ high net worth divorce attorneys

If you are a high net worth individual facing divorce, our firm is ready to help. For decades, Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn has been a legal resource for divorcing couples in New Jersey. Our firm recognizes the further intricacy of these divorces. We work with clients to mitigate the impact of divorce, exploring all options, and guiding them towards the best possible conclusion. For a consultation with an effective legal team, contact the dedicated New Jersey high net worth divorce attorneys here at Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn today. We are here to protect your hard-earned assets, every step of the way.

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