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Divorce is a significant legal issue. Many people facing divorce have never endured this process and have little knowledge of the road ahead. People in the midst of a divorce or separation need to know that they are not alone. It is much easier to get through this difficult time knowing that you have someone experienced on your side handling this matter. At Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn, our firm offers highly experienced legal counsel and guidance. For over 35 years, Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn has been the compassionate and effective guiding hand for countless clients. For a consultation with our firm, contact Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn.

Divorce options

When facing divorce, there are many paths one can travel to reach the same conclusion. Divorce is a trying, emotional process. It is not easy to overcome. With so many options available, it can quickly get confusing. When making choices on how to proceed with your divorce, it is always best to consult with an attorney. More

Divorce process

Couples that need to divorce have options for how to proceed with the process. While some can resolve their matter outside of court, others are not able to come together to discuss marital issues, leading them to court.  At Haber Silver Russoniello & Dunn, we work with clients to come to the best conclusion for their legal matter. Knowing the road ahead can be beneficial. More

Spousal Support

In New Jersey, spousal support is the obligation of the earning party to support the dependent party after a divorce. Regularly referred to as alimony, spousal support is a temporary obligation to help a dependent spouse become financially stable. More

High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce is not an easy process to overcome. Generally, divorce is a complex, emotional matter. For those who are high net worth, marital assets become even more complicated. A high net worth divorce is the split of two individuals with a combined worth of $1 million dollars. For many worth this much or more, the growth of assets over time makes the divorce process more involved than most, leading to more problems. More

Prenuptial Agreements

Divorcing couples find themselves in court over many of the same marital issues. Divorce matters, including the division of assets and alimony, could have been addressed before exchanging vows. A prenuptial agreement is an effective way to protect your assets before getting married. Simply put, a prenuptial agreement is a binding contract that establishes a mechanism for what would happen if the marriage ended. More

Division of Assets

When a couple splits and divorce is a reality, the division of their assets can be a hotly contested issue. Divorce is a complicated matter. As a couple builds a life for themselves, the idea of splitting personal possessions can be overwhelmingly emotional. While some couples can agree to a fair division outside of court, this is not always the case and a couple can easily find themselves battling out the issue in front of a judge. More

Modification and Enforcement

When a divorce is finalized, both parties must abide by the orders passed down in the Final Judgment of Divorce. Whether the couple mediates or litigates a divorce, a court’s word is the final say. Most people hope that the divorce itself is the end of the matter. More